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LJ The Medium is representing Mrs. Italy 2024!

LJ The Medium is representing Mrs. Italy 2024!!! Let's wish her luck as she competes for the International title this summer!

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MAMMA MIA! It is with great honor to share with you LJ is going international! I will be representing the country I was born in!! I am excited to share with you all that I am your MRS. ITALY 2024 & this summer I’ll be competing for the Mrs. Universal Petite title! My parents moved here from Calabria, Italy with just a suitcase and few dollars in their pocket. They went back and forth & their little Queen was born in 1985. Eventually they settled on Long Island, New York working hard to give my siblings and I everything they possibly could. I admire them for all their hard work and success. I know it was not easy for them but they never gave up and instilled that in us. My dad always says “With hard work you can make the dream work. You can do and be anything.” I’m proud to be Italian & have my nonni & family in Italy as well as in Spirit cheering for me. I will work hard to make them all proud!! I am beyond excited for this new journey & to represent Bella Italia!! Stay tuned!! The best is yet to come! LJ The Medium AKA MRS. ITALY 2024

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