I will have to say that I blown away with the reading that I received from LJ. LJ was able to connect to my mother. She described her in full detail. She was able to describe what she looked like, her illnesses, the initials or names of my siblings, a description of flowers that I had received that day… it was truly amazing the information that she provided. Most importantly, my mother told LJ that there would be a baby coming. She said “baby, baby,baby”. My reading was on the 16th of November and my niece found out she was pregnant on the 21st. She has an amazing gift!

Amazing!!!!! One word that describes the reading I had tonight! LJ was Amazing in explaining what was going to go on and how she works. I was very excited to see who would come through and LJ described them perfectly and told me things that only those who came through would know! I highly recommend a reading with LJ if you have the opportunity! LJ also does a fb live the first and last Wednesday of the month so go check her out.

My session with LJ WAS AMAZING! She told me about my back injury and that it would be a good few months before it was resolved. That very week I had an MRI and was diagnosed with a herniated disc. We also talked about my desire for a loving committed relationship. She told me that I needed to have patience and that things would be changing in spring. LJ has a beautiful gift and I am so grateful she shared it with me. LJ- sending love & light for your own healing.

I went into this experience not knowing or having had any previous knowledge of what the process involved. To say that I was amazed at the immediate connection I felt to LJ would minimize my reaction. In a very professional and very calming manner LJ guided me through this experience and encouraged me to look within and around me. I found an unexpected comfort and left with a feeling of joy.