About Me

I am a Certified Psychic Medium with Best American Psychics and proud member of the Certified Psychic Society. I am also an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, the Author of The Spirit of Hope, and now I’m on National Television hosting my very own talk show in Long Island, NY. I was born in Calabria, Italy. We moved to New York when I was 9 months old and I have been here ever since!

People always ask me if I knew I was psychic and could talk to spirit.

Reflecting back, the answer is yes! As a young girl I always seem to know things but couldn’t quite explain them. I had a lot of anxiety and fear growing up. Now I know that it was because I could feel others' energy meaning I could feel the emotions they were feeling at the time. I would have dreams and premonitions and couldn’t talk to anyone about it. As a child we all had big imaginations but for me this was real! I still have my journals from when I was a little girl and it reads “P.S.-I think I’m Psychic” but somewhere along the way I put that belief aside. I always felt that something was missing in my life and little did I know that the missing piece to the puzzle was spirit!

When I was 21, my cousin had traveled from Italy to visit me here in NY. We decided to take a trip to Washington D.C.! While waiting to board the bus, I had an inkling that I needed to talk to my nonna/grandmother. I just needed to hear her voice. We had a lovely conversation. Little did I know it would be my last. I received the news when we got home from our trip that my beloved nonna had passed away. I was devastated, thinking I would never feel her presence again. A few years later while recovering from a minor surgery, I had a strong sensation that my nonna was there and covering me with a blanket. My nonna still finds ways to reach out and our powerful bond didn’t die when she did.


The Awakening

A photo of LJ the Psychic Medium and her husband Billy on their wedding day.


They say you always find yourself when facing traumatic experiences and that is just what happened to me.

In 2013 less than a month after marrying my best friend Billy I suffered a spine injury and that led to multiple traumatic surgeries, this is where my “awakening” came. I have undergone eight surgeries in the past 8 years and in April of 2018 I donated my kidney to an amazing young lady. I have also been diagnosed with three rare diseases (SMAS, NCS, MALS) which all needed surgeries to help correct.

An image collage of LJ The Medium TV Show 'The LJ Show'

In 2020 I became the host of my very own talk show The LJ Show which aired on the Z Living Network!

I’m so excited to begin taping my second season soon! Hopefully you will come and join me in my live audience! For more info about my show or to check out some of my merchandise go and check out www.theljshow.tv also if you or someone you know has an inspiring story, please apply to be a future guest.


I am a huge advocate for organ donation as I mentor and support others with “Nutcrackers” to go forward with living donation. I have put together fundraising events and I have donated all proceeds to charity. I am very involved with The National Kidney Foundation but have also done fundraisers for Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and I’ve also helped raise awareness for other greater causes.

I used to be so nervous to travel and thanks to Spirit I now have the strength too! Spirit has been taking me on adventures I never dreamed of and here I am traveling the globe! I cannot wait to see where I will go next and who I will meet along the way here and in Spirit!

So, the little girl who always felt a bit different has now helped countless individuals in finding hope, courage, and strength in knowing their loved ones have not left them. I’m thankful for my ability to share my gifts with the world. I can look at my journal these days and say I did it. I am LJ The Medium. I look forward to connecting with you!