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Private Readings

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30 or 60 minute readings
Phone & In-Person Private Readings.

Do you have questions about your life, your relationships, or your goals and dreams? Can’t choose between the options in front of you? As a Psychic I offer you the ability to look into different life situations, find positive answers to your doubt and questions, and develop healthy strategies you can use as you face your life’s challenges.

In our session, I will communicate with your loved ones on the other side or provide guidance with any concerns you may have in your current life. 30 minute or 60-minute readings are available. They are offered In-person in my office in Levittown, NY, or on the phone/video. LJ will call you at your scheduled time.​​

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Group Readings

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60 to 90 minute readings
Phone, ZOOM & In-Person Group Readings.

Group Readings are typically 4-8 people so everyone receives a message. More are always welcome but everyone will not be guaranteed a reading. For larger group events, fundraisers and venues please contact LJ (516) 477-0187 or [email protected] for additional information and a price list.

This is an opportunity for friends and family to gather together and receive messages from their loved ones in spirit. Small group readings are a minimum of 4 to a maximum 0f 8. They are usually 90-120 minutes long depending on the number of people.​​

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Large Group Parties

60 to 90 minutes
In-Person Group Meetings Only.

These are events for a larger audience (10-200+ people). Events may include private parties, restaurants, shops, bachelorette parties, theaters, and the list goes on! Give the office a call at (516) 477-0187 for a quote. LJ’s team is ready to help you plan a great event! LJ will appear for approximately 60-90 minutes. During that time LJ will give an introduction followed by gallery-style readings for the audience. LJ will also be available for meet & greet, photos, and Q & A.

Disclaimer: Everyone in attendance is not guaranteed to get a reading. LJ gives as many readings as time and energy permits but always sets the intention that everyone takes something special away from her event.

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60 to 90 minutes
In-Person Group Meetings Only.

LJ can appear as an inspirational speaker as well as incorporate readings with her event (optional). These events are customizable to ensure you have the best experience. LJ has had wonderful fundraising events in the past which included raising funds for Breast cancer, MALS Awareness, The National Kidney Foundation, Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and many more. LJ’s events are unique.  She has also been a speaker for local colleges. We would love to hear more about your special event. Please call us (516) 477-0187 to tell us more and we will create a personalized proposal for you!

Disclaimer: If you choose to have LJ do readings please note everyone in attendance is not guaranteed to get a reading. LJ gives as many readings as time and energy permits but always sets the intention that everyone takes something special away from her event.

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House Blessings

30 to 60 minutes
In-House Meetings Only.

Did you just move into a new home or office space? Perhaps you’re feeling some energy in the home you want cleared out, or just a fresh start with new positive energy. I love bringing healing to people’s home/space. Your home is where you spend a lot of your time, gather with friends and family, have meal time, sleep, create. It should feel comfortable, light, and loving. If you feel your home new or old could use a little pick me up house blessings are wonderful! Fee: $250 (Please note: Eastern Long Island and NYC are subject to travel fees).


This service is offered on Friday’s only. Please call us if you would like to request a different day. (516) 477-0187.

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Motivational Speaking

60 to 90 minutes
In-Person Group Meetings Only.

Everyone has a story! LJ’s story is remarkable and if you don’t know it, be sure to check out her Documentary: The LJ Documentary- “The Story of a Warrior Spirit” on YouTube. LJ brings hope and inspiration to everyone she meets. If you are looking to host an event and bring some positivity and motivation to your audience LJ will certainly do that! She will also have everyone out of their chair for a fun finale! Everyone leaves vibrating high after her events! We would love to hear more about your special event. Please call us (516) 477-0187 to tell us more and we will create a personalized proposal for you!

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45 - 60 Minutes
Phone, ZOOM & In-Person Private Meetings.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. We will address any questions and concerns you have prior to our session. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes. Cost- $150 per session.

Distance Reiki is also available.  At the appointed time you should be sitting or lying down in a quiet comfortable place, so as not to be disturbed for the length of the session. I prepare for the session in the same manner as for an in-person treatment. This involves clearing the healing space of any unwanted energy.  This is accomplished in a variety of ways, including the use of sage, crystals, Reiki symbols, prayer, and meditation, and of course, Intent.  Soft soothing music and aromatherapy are frequently used, just as I would in an in-person session. Cost $150 per session.

Each session holds different experiences. Some ranging from deep relaxation, release of negative energy and anxiety, to relief from a migraine. The effects of distant Reiki are just as profound as those experienced in an in-person session.

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Ceremony Officiant

60 to 90 minutes
In-Person Group Meetings Only.

As an Ordained Minister, I have been fortunate enough to participate in many of my clients’ most memorable life-moments. These experiences have taught me how to act empathetically in order to make sure that each one receives the attention it deserves. From the happiest occasions to the saddest of circumstances, I am here to serve as your spiritual guide — and be there on every step of the way. (Please note: Eastern Long Island and NYC are subject to travel fees) Please book online or call our office for a free consult (516) 477-0187.

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Spiritual Counseling

50 to 60 minutes
Phone, ZOOM & In-Person Meetings.

We all need a little guidance and support along our journey, Whether it’s rediscovering who you are, soul searching, finding clarity on a situation, overcoming fears or taking the next big step on your path. Spiritual counseling can be a great tool to seek the answers you are searching for. Sessions are 50 minutes and meet as often as you like. It is recommended to keep appointments consistent to see progress and results. Sessions are tailored to your needs and may include meditation, breathing techniques, energy healing, writing, and any other techniques that will benefit you on your journey of self-healing.* This is not a reading.

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Personal Training / Nutrition Coaching

Phone, ZOOM & In-Person Readings are available.

As a certified Personal trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach I am happy to help you set goals and crush them! Coaching sessions are virtual. I create a customized exercise and nutritional program for you in which you’ll be checking in with me weekly to ensure you stay on track! Train with LJ and start your transformation today! I will be supporting you and motivating you the whole way! Please book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your personal needs.

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Gift Certificates

The purchase of this gift certificate will give the receiver of this reading an option to get an intuitive reading about their life or a mediumship reading to connect with their passed loved ones. They may even decide they’d like a mix of both. Once you purchase your gift certificate, you will receive a code to give to the receiver of the gift and they can set up their appointment themselves, with that code.

If you prefer a physical certificate please check out and email us and we will mail it to you.

Please choose which gift card you'd like to purchase below:

30 Minute Gift Certificate 60 Minute Gift Certificate

Please be mindful your purchase is 100% non-refundable. Once your payment is processed, there are no refunds offered. If a cancellation is needed, a rescheduled date and time can be established. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Please note prices vary for in-person readings long distance and out of state. Please e-mail [email protected] to host an event in your area.

Disclaimer: As legally required by state, all services are for entertainment purposes only. By requesting a reading and/or scheduling an appointment with LJ the Medium, you understand and are acknowledge that LJ the Medium is not a medical professional, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional, and can not give medical, legal, or tax advice. LJ the medium will not be held liable for what the client chooses to do with messages brought forward.

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