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Do you have questions about your life, your relationships, or your goals and dreams? Can’t choose between the options in front of you? As a Psychic I offer you the ability to look into different life situations, find positive answers to your doubt and questions, and develop healthy strategies you can use as you face your life’s challenges.

In our session, I will communicate with your loved ones on the other side or provide guidance with any concerns you may have in your current life. 30 minute or 60-minute readings are available. They are offered In-person in my office in Levittown, NY, or on the phone/video. LJ will call you at your scheduled time.​​


From $200
30 - 60 minutes
Phone or In-Person
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Customer Reviews

    Ashley Perrone
    LJ is absolutely amazing and truly the real deal! She provided me with so much validation and brought up points that no one else knows. I was blown away! She is a sweetheart and easy to talk to. I am so thankful I was able to meet with her! I highly recommend her, she is the best there is
    Janine Hill
    LJ is truly genuine. She makes an evening out filled with a lot of emotion but also a lot of fun. She shows us that we never really lose a loved one cause they are always around us. By the end of the evening you are left with such a comforting feeling. I’m looking forward for a private reading with her.
    Toni dagata
    LJ did a group reading with my family. The minute she walked in and sat at the table, she felt like she was part of our family. She is so sweet and personable. Her messages from our loved ones were very comforting and she was spot on. She has a wonderful gift. Hope to see her again for sure. Highly recommend LJ!

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